• Lets us Build your Product!

    Lets us Build your Product!

    Get a Product Team in 24 hours. Get your Minimum Viable Product in 8 weeks. Transform your startup journey with our immersive Founder accelerator. Gain the skills, knowledge, and network for entrepreneurial success, from ideation to launch. 
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Founder Accelerator

Ignite your startup dreams with SkillHat's 9-Week Founder Accelerator. Overcome the pain of limited resources, lack of a team, and uncertainty.

Validate your idea, develop a robust business model,
et your own product team and launch your Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

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Gain customer insights

Understand your audience

Validate your idea


UI/UX design

Develop your MVP

Quality testing


Get feedback from users

Refine your idea

Discover what works


Go-to-market plan

Build your Brand

Get real users

Get a Team in 24hrs!


Full stack / no-code (Bubble Developer) proficient in modern & responsive design.


Product Designer trained to delight users through engaging user experiences.

Product Manager

Product Leader with strong sense of market trends, customer research, roadmapping and competitive analysis.

Business Analyst

BA will manage all your data and product requirements, supporting the Product Manager, ensuring product readiness and quality assurance.

Scrum Master

Keeps everyone accountable to timeline, scope and budget. Manage work spaces and team meetings.

Team Coach

Accelerator alumni who holds team together so you don't necessarily have to - as Founder.

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Program Agenda

Launch a million dollar business using best practice innovation frameworks like Design thinking & Scrum.

Cohort start date: August 4th & November 17th

Week 0


Founder readings

Access your tech systems

Refine your pit

Week 1

Team Formation

Pitch your idea

Meet the coaches

Meet your team

Begin research

Week 2-4

Design Thinking

Analyze market data
Define the problem
Develop & test your prototype

Week 5-8

MVP Development & Launch

Team builds your product
Release your first version
Gain user feedback
Identifying product-market fit

Week 9

Demo Day

Prepare your pitch
Present to investors and potential partners

Advisors & Mentors

Alisha Golden

Investment Manager - Techstars

Eily Hickson

Canada Practice Lead, Product & Growth -Emerging Tech & Engineering Accenture

Ayodele Pompey

CEO - SmartTerm 

Nouhaila Chelkhaoui

CEO - Scale Without Borders

Akin Akinwunmi

Director of Product management - CIBC

Efosa KC Obano

Founder - Black Founders Network

How much does it cost?

Gold Package

+ 2.5% rev share

$5,000 USD

Silver Package

+ 6.5% rev share (12 months)

$3,500 USD

Some of our Projects

Here are some of the projects developed by previous students in our program.


MyLet is an integrated home rental solutions provider with a mandate to help the underserved immigrants and students with rental challenges by providing a platform for them to be able to overcome existing unfavourable rental conditions.

HealthPro Nexus

HealthPro Nexus is a platform that provides internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs) access to COMMUNITY and RESOURCES to facilitate their licensure and employment processes in Canada from personalized mentorship, extensive exam preparation, residency placement and job support, community forum to financial aid and up-to-date information.

Black Scholar

A one stop shop for Black Students to maximize their scholarship search.

Ready to kickstart the next big thing?

Cohort start date: August 4th & November 17th

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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get exactly with this Founder Accelerator?

You get a Product team, who build a product for you

Will I need to attend classes?

There are mandatory sessions to meet with your product team, and non-mandatory group / 1on1 coaching Founder coaching sessions

Who will be building my Product?

Your product will be built by your assigned product team including a software developer, product designer, product manager, business analyst & project manager.

Do Founders need to code?

No - Founders don't need to code. The product will be built by your product team

How do I know if I'm a fit for the program?

Best fit are Founders (technical or non-technical) with deep expertise in the industry they are trying to build a product for, but have a limited team & limited time to build the product themselves.

What kind of product is best for this program?

We build mobile and web apps such as marketplaces, social networks, productivity apps (AI) etc.